Dear Vala,

I regret to inform you, that I will not be the candidate you will hire. Based on your hiring criteria, I will most likely never be a candidate you would consider. This is very unfortunate, because I have will have a better resume than the person you are most likely going to hire.

Here’s what who you are going to hire: A networker.

Here’s why:

A job description will be posted via Twitter

While Twitter is a popular social network, especially among marketing and communications professionals, it is not the best way to get maximum exposure for your job posting. The half-life of the tweets you post mean that you will not even solicit to your full hiring audience – most will not be on Twitter when you post, only the one’s browsing the internet for jobs.

Enterasys will also crowdsource Twitter for candidate endorsements using #socialCV hash-tag and reserve an additional interview spot for any interested candidates that received the most Twitter endorsements.

While it is great that candidates come with an existing network, popularity does not always translate to business results. So people are actually quite timid about using social and how they connect, but our brilliant strategists. You may want to check out this TED lecture on introverted people.

A minimum Klout score above 60 is required.

Klout is not a full-proof measure of influence, professional credibility, or proven experience. Case in point, my Klout is higher than the Digital Practice Leader at Edelman Canada, but rest assured, he is more connected, influential, and qualified than I.

Applicants must have more than 1,000 active Twitter followers.

Again, you will find some great networkers, but this is not a full descriptor of influence nor of qualification for your opening. I hope you do not hire someone who is a former member of team #followback.

Marketing experience must be demonstrated via web content

My experience is demonstrate through a client with which I have signed an NDA. This is actually common practice with many client-agency relationships, and happens with some of the most dynamic and challenging social media presences out there.

IT and enterprise technology background preferred but not required.

For those familiar with the IT space, it is pretty well known that your average IT specialist is usually the one who refrains from having a larger social footprint. These guys know the security and privacy implications of social networking and are impressively vigilant and adding to the marketing data picked up by every tracking cookie out there. Looking for a socially active IT expert is nearly an oxymoron. Even some reputable IT journalists keep their tweets private.

I hope you take notice to some flaws in your search logic. Not everyone is social. And not everyone is a networker. And while I wholeheartedly agree that recruiting is now predominantly done online, it isn’t being done by fanboys on Twitter.

It is being done on websites like LinkedIn and job listings like Indeed, Craigslist, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, and Idealist. You’re right, the hard copy of a curriculum vitae isn’t relevant anymore. But that is because it is being done through PDFs of resumes, emails, and through Skype chats. If it wasn’t being done that way, than Oracle Taleo wouldn’t be a work in every HR professionals vernacular.

Best of luck on your candidate search, and sorry I couldn’t transform your business the way you want it to be changed.


The Traditional Great Candidate