When you do the whole intern thing, they never tell you about what it is like to be actually hired. That whole transitional period is almost deemed irrelevant to new hires. Most would reply “I’m just happy I have a job now.”

But there is indeed a transition time.

When you intern, you are so focused on proving yourself and your abilities, you do not really think about anything else. You push, and push, and drive to show your talent. When that pressure to prove yourself is removed, and you have the job, it is real easy to fall flat on your face.

Once you get your foot in the door, it is important to realize that it is no longer about proving anything; you’ve already done that. If you keep that work pattern, you’ll come off as arrogant or just plain overbearing.

The transition is more than just what kind of work you do; what kind of responsibilities you have. When you enter your first real occupation, you must shift your mentality. It is no longer about finding opportunity, it is now about doing something with that opportunity you have discovered.

The first few months of work can set the tempo for the rest of your career. So it is important to think about those next steps. It is that attention to detail that will help you grow.