I try to read as many other blogs as I can.

I even try to read the generic ones that offer “the 10 things you must do” or the “seven steps to success.” They are annoying and lack originality at times, which makes it frustrating to even consider the advice they offer.

However the other day I was reading a blog post offering advice about writing. The post was rather bland and really just focused on the basics. But guess what… it was stuff that I wasn’t doing.

My blog is not really focused on anything, it lacks direction and thus lacks followers. For me that is fine for the time being, because I like to use it as a sandbox for my thoughts and ideas. However I also use it to perfect my writing skills, and it was tough swallowing the fact that I really wasn’t writing good content.

So how do you write good content?

I don’t know… your guess is better than mine. But I do know that if you really want to improve your writing, yourself, or your world, you have to not only listen to counterpoints, but you also must be willing to swallow your own pride and submit to legitimate criticism.

So I will continue to read those lackluster blog posts and listen to their message, and will try to be willing to accept valid points when I am heading the wrong way.

So I ask you, are you willing to submit to new ideas, criticism, and admit when you’re wrong? Or do you get in the way of making yourself better?