I know you aren’t listening.

It’s not that you don’t want to, it is that you are physically incapable of doing so. If you aren’t on Twitter then obviously you are out of the question. But what if you are on Twitter? What if you claim to be engaged? Whether it be your personal Twitter handle, or the one you manage for work, I can tell you why you aren’t listening.

I consider myself actively engaged within my subset of the Twitter community. I can validate that claim because I tweet, re-tweet, and engage with new people whenever I get the chance.

I guess you do that too, don’t you.

But do you use Twitter lists? How many hashtags do you follow? Have you set up a Seesmic, Hootsuite, or TweetDeck account?

The reason I know you don’t listen is because there is just too much information flowing your way to comprehend it all. I follow over 800 people on Twitter, however I only actively engage with about half of that number. That group of 400 or so are categorized into about 15 different lists, and about 6 different hashtags. I do the same with my Google Reader account; sorting my 70+ RSS feeds into about 8 different folders.

I am not saying that I listen the I possibly can, nor am saying that there is a “best” way to do so. But I want to highlight the capabilities technology offers us that enable us to listen and listen more efficiently. Because the bottom line is that there are some brilliant people out there talking about brilliant ideas, and I would hate to be the one to miss out because I didn’t hear about it.