Did you just graduate? …five months ago? or fifteen months ago?

So I am guessing you want a job. Well there are some things I would like you to consider, I am going to start with a cake analogy:

So we all know that cake is delicious. There are all kinds of cake, and cake can make just about any occasion better. And who makes the best cake? (Just answer that one in your head, it could be your Grandma, Aunt, Neighbor, or Person A.)

Well guess what, jobs are like cake, except YOU are the cook. Which means it is a little tougher to acquire said cake. And if you are anything like me, you have never really made a cake from scratch, so that can make it even tougher to enjoy cake.

But I do know that there are steps to making a cake, and I do know that there are people out there who have made some damn good cakes. I know there are some essential ingredients, and I also know that cake doesn’t just appear (although that would be nice).

Well guess what, all of the above applies to getting a job as well. There are people who know how to get a good job. There are certain ingredients that are necessary to getting any job. And jobs definitely do not just appear out of nowhere.

The best cakes are made from cooks that put meticulous amounts of effort into making their cake. They obsess over every step of the process, they always look for new recipes, and they always take a step back and sample their own work; they are their own toughest critics.

So I say to you, you can have your cake and eat it to. But you need to do your research; talk to people who have done it before. You need to know the ingredients; what people are looking for and how you fulfill those needs. You need to obsess over every step of the process, and understand that it is a process. And know that you have to be your toughest critic; always look for new strategies, and always look for what might be able to make your recipe better.

Baking a cake is hard, but finally landing that job you wanted tastes amazing.