Photo Property of Kimmy Chau

Is that really what I wanted to say?

Or was it something that just came to mind. Was is something that others were saying, so I just assumed it correct to say as well? Was what I was saying really saying anything at all?

How do I know?

People encode messages into language everyday; thousands of them. We put so many thoughts into words that it becomes habitual. We begin to assume that people know our thoughts so well, that we can just sprout them into semantic clusters that hit on the exact interpretation we meant for them.

Obviously that is utter nonsense. Because the one thing that is more likely to happen than misspeaking, is misinterpreting.

So what is the point?

The point is to know what you want to say, before even trying to say it.

So before you send that text; make that Facebook comment; tweet those 140 characters, read what you write. Listen to your thoughts,  and understand your message, so that when you put it out there it has a chance of being taken correctly.

This concept is one of the most deceptive ideas possible; that you can really understand what it is that you are truly thinking and feeling. To do so, one must almost unlatch themself from their own emotions. However if you can somehow get to that point, than it makes it much more feasible  to strategically encode that message into letters and symbols.

Note that this message applies to all messages, both big and small, both your own message and for your company’s message. So think before you speak, and ponder before you act. Because with time always ticking away, your message is worth sending correctly on the first try; it may be the only chance you get.