I just started a new job in a new city. For some reason, there is a quote that keeps going through my head during this transition:

“Why do you think the Yankees always when? …Mickey Mantle?
No. It’s because the other team can’t stop looking at the pinstripes.”

I felt a need to make sure I have my goals straight; to make sure all the changes haven’t gotten me distracted from my original reason for embracing change.

So I made a list that described my personal professional goals in the digital communications field so that I can stay focused through all the distractions:

  1. I want to know how to interpret the conversation:
    Not only identify that the conversation is there, but know how to report it, know what to do with it, and eventually know how to direct it in a certain direction.
  2. I want to understand the “Why” of the digital strategy:
    Going beyond what the strategy is, understand the different strata of the tactics involved from the singular task to the global intent.
  3. I want to be a content perfectionist:
    Know how to write in a singular voice with the different tones/inflections required across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and online communities. Understand the differentiation between channels and why that difference exists.
  4. I want to make myself essential:
    The goals above are necessary for me to become essential; valuable. I know I want to work in this realm of digital communications, so I want to become a keystone to provide myself staying power in a field I love.

These goals are specific to me and working in the field of digital communication. However I believe that reminding myself of these goals is essential to staying focused. So whether you are facing change or merely getting bogged down, remind yourself why you are where you are, so that those pinstripes don’t throw you off task.