Ten days ago I flew into Washington D.C. without any real idea of what I was going to do. I booked a hostel, set up meetings with people I knew through my network, and made sure my suit wasn’t wrinkled.

This entire summer has been somewhat exhausting; I have sent out lots of applications, stared at my phone incessantly hoping it would ring, and pretty much depleted any sort of savings I had.
Job hunting is hard. 

Twelve days ago I was discussing my plight with a mentor of mine who asked me plainly “Why don’t you just go?” I responded with “Well I…um…I…   …huh.” Simply put, I was floored by a simple suggestion. Two days later I just went.

It is expected to have internship experience these days. It is assumed that you have a blog, are on twitter, and can be found on LinkedIn (with at least three recommendations). However it is not expected for you to be willing to jump. It is not expected that you push the boundaries set before you to achieve greatness.

For me, the proposition was simple; I had to make it happen, and I could not do that sitting in my apartment. This revelation was not revealed to me till someone suggested it however, because it is too easy to deceive yourself into not taking the risks that need taking. For me the risk was spending what little money I had left to fly out-of-state to the place I wanted to be, and start networking in person, with a mission in mind. I think my situation was different from that of most people, but nonetheless, I took a risk; I played a hand; I jumped, and I think that same sort of opportunity is presented to all of us in some sort of way.

I was able to make the jump because the proposition was simple. I was able to rationalize in my head that the risk; the giant leap, was really just one small step; a hop, if you will.

In your endeavors, whatever they may be, make sure that you don’t make that curb look like a cliff. For all of us, understanding that every small step is just a step and not a leap will allow us to walk much further beyond our boundaries than we think we are capable of.