There is too much clutter in world. Information overload used to be something you have to attempt to achieve, now you need to take extreme effort to avoid. A simple and longstanding premise has come to the forefront as the only solution to this; make it look simple.

The world is becoming more and more aestheticized to handled the new depth of information available to us.

This movement towards aesthetization can be seen in practically every aspect of our lives. People are supposed to look clean and appealing at all times. Magazines are supposed to have limited content and maximum visual appeal. And business presentations have never looked more artistic.

It is true that if we were just handed material with nothing but content we would never read; never learn. That is why it is imperative to have a collaborative mesh between creatives and content makers.

There is a mesh between creativity and content that is needed to make an impact.

I have seen more PR job openings looking for web developer/bloggers than one could ever imagine. I think that having the content maker be the designer and vis-versa is a direct path for failure. If someone holds that job, then half the time they will be serving a purpose that is not authentic to who they truly are.

Half PR Pro + Half Graphic Designer = Half-Assed Message 

There is a negotiation between aesthetics and content, one that I think is always needed to really deliver a message that has both cognitive and visual stimulus. I hope those people asking for all-in-one employees remember this and understand that such a case really negates collaborative creativity possibilities and will ultimately not enable their message to rise through the clutter.