Technology opens us up to so much information. It makes our jobs easier and more flexible because we can work from just about anywhere. Social media allows us to grow business contacts at an exponential rate. There is so much making our work lives so much more accessible. However that is definitely affecting our personal lives. The separation between the two has never been so thin.

I am concerned because there are many hard-working millennials out there who will happily sacrifice their personal lives for the job. I mean face it, job security no longer exists so it is essentially natural to push your work habits into your life outside of work.

 The separation between work and life has never been so thin.

With work being ever-present in my generations’ lives, how will we escape work? How will we ever work less than 60 hours a week? And if we somehow are able to do just that, how are we to justify it to employers?

With new technology we have an opportunity to make our lives easier. I just hope we aren’t heading in the opposite direction.