This blog is mostly for me to spew the thoughts I have about communication and technology. However I try to make my posts relevant to whoever may come across it.

This post is no different. But it starts with some personal spewing. My theme for this Summer is “Make it Happen.” Because I am job searching and looking for my place to jump in the professional communications world, “Make it Happen” seems to point directly to making my dream job “Happen.”

My theme for this Summer is to “Make it Happen”

However there is more to it. Making it happen requires two things:

  1. The acceptance of working your ass off
  2. And finding it

Number one is no trade secret, it is probably the most universal rule that exists. Hard work pays off. I was taught that virtue since I was a child and it has stuck with me since.

Number two is another universal rule, but I see so many people miss it. Finding “it” doesn’t necessarily mean finding your niche; it doesn’t mean finding truth. It is simpler than that, it means finding the opportunities.

Some people just do not know where to search.

What I have concluded about number two on the list is that some people just do not know where to search. As cliché as it sounds, opportunity is really everywhere. All it takes is the initiative to listen to the ideas running through your brain and act on them. Simple.

So that is how I plan to “Make it Happen” this Summer; by working hard and finding “it,” whatever that may be.

How are you going to “Make it Happen?” And where are you going to look to “Find it?”