Today I had the privilege to discuss social media with two PR students who have been studying the topic quite extensively. However I was really surprised to learn that neither of them had heard of Google Reader or Twitter clients like Hootsuite.

The blogosphere is extensively becoming the PR and Marketing – sphere and I fear that many young professionals are lagging behind because no one is teaching them.

This is not to derogate traditional PR instruction in any way. I think that classical conditioning is far more important. But I do think that there should be more exposure to these platforms so that students have a chance to understand how to use them.

Students are instructed to go and join just about everything on the web to gain exposure, but they are not instructed on what to do with any of it.

From the feedback I received today, students are instructed to go and join just about everything on the web to gain exposure, but they aren’t instructed on what to do with these platforms, or where to search for them.

So to all the communications professionals out there, share the little tools you use with those that follow in your footsteps. I feel so much more in tune with what is going on in the communications profession because Haila Yates, Greenlights’ Community Outreach Manager, took the time to show me the tools she uses on a day-to-day basis.

And to all those emerging communications professionals, make sure to ask about the little things when you get the chance. Because it is the little tools that make the big ideas possible to enact.