Greenlights’ Sessions is a series of posts that discusses advice given to me from the wonderful staff at Greenlights for Nonprofit Success (@greenlightsATX), an organization dedicated to nonprofit excellence.

Part 1:

During my final days at Greenlights I had the opportunity to ask various staff members some lingering questions I had been pondering. Being the communications professional that I am the first of these questions was:

What do you believe is the best and most reliable form of communication and why?

The feedback I received was awesome. For this question there wasn’t really a consensus, but three forms did stand out. Face-to-face, emails, and in writing were the three that we said to be the most effective. I love that there was no mention of Facebook or texting, and that telephone conversations weren’t listed.

Face to face conversation was noted because people have the ability to read into nonverbal cues and react accordingly. I would also add that providing immediate feedback through nonverbal cues is essential in establishing report.

Getting things in writing was my second favorite response, mainly because people noted that it solidified agreements and added security to professional exchange. It was also mentioned in passing that people like receiving hand-written items because it demonstrates and greated sense of value because of the time that goes into it.

Communication preferences vary from person to person. I think what lies at the core of which method used is the purpose of the communication. By looking at it this way we broaden the strategy behond how we communicate.

Thanks Greenlights Team!