I will always be a longhorn and I do feel that my college experience has been worth while. But yes the above title is a bit callous. I am definitely a better, more informed, more intelligent, and more confident individual because of my experience.

But I still want more.

I feel the Universities should be a place for individuals to find passions; to find meanings. Yet I feel as I depart from here that all I really know how to do is fill out scan-trons.

My concern is really not about the experience I had, but more about the things that I missed. Where is the class about best-practices? Where was the freshman course on how to read and note-take? Where could I sign up for the course on how to argue?

Sure I gained familiarity with these concepts and at times were even exposed to their essence. But I feel like universities all across the country should do a little more soul searching. Why isn’t there a course on how to network? Why doesn’t the school provide tours and lectures on the most successful organizations in the world?

Some of these questions have probably been answered, and I am most certain that a few are still in the works. But I do not know how to answer why I am about to graduate and still feel disdain for coursework. Perhaps I am just tired; perhaps I am just lazy. But the bottom line is that I have a yearning to explore but feel held back by the rigidity of the formal class environment.

So I ask you, the nuanced scholar, to please change the learning landscape by proving traditional testing and courses are superfluous and not getting the most out of the generation y student.