We live in an era of information availability that is overwhelming. Never in the history of mankind has there been this many channels of communication available to human beings. Even more intriguing, there has never been a channel of communication quite like the Internet.

The Internet is capable of providing visual, auditory, and to a certain extent, sensory stimulus to people around the world. The amount of information available on one New York Times website is more data than has been seen by a person of the 1800’s in their lifetime. There have already been studies that show we cannot cognitively comprehend the extent of our Facebook network, so how can we even attempt to perceive the depth of information available on the Internet.

With that organizations have an obligation to the internet two-fold:
1. They must make their mark on this infinite array of information
2. They must understand that everyone else is doing the same thing

Must organizations are aware of this obligation that they must engage in but it seems as though they do not understand its worth. Many seem to think that by putting their mission and brand logo on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn that they will somehow reach an unknown number of new potential stakeholders.

Now I know companies aren’t really that naive, but that doesn’t excuse them for describing their digital presence as a “social media” department. Social media is a generic term turned celebrity. Entrepreneurial spirits see the potential, but cannot seem to look at it beyond traditional web terms.

The web is a pluralistic channel of communication which means it lends itself to many ways information can be received. Such a gift and curse has left many feeling overwhelmed by the entirety of what they would deem utilization. Integrated marketing is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean integration into to every microfiber of every channel of communication; its just overkill.

This is where people need to develop a plan for their web presence. Strategy starting at that broader scale allows you to see what works and focus efforts on realistic and far reaching manner. This is why the term social media is not effective anymore, because the buzzword can actually limit your presence on the web.

Start with budget and please do not end with something less than creativity. I ask the Fortune 500’s to use their millions to show what can be done so that the rest of know what they will be capable of.

So re brand your idea of web presence so that you don’t miss out on your own potential.