I am trying my best to understand Social Media and Online Strategy the best I possibly can. However I always seem to struggle with a few lessons that I know exist; but cannot find.

Beyond tracking and reporting, how are online strategists demonstrating their return on investment? I want to know the best practices about Social Media ROI and who is the source of these best practices.

The Community Concept:
I understand the necessity to establish relationships with you stakeholders and prospective clients. However I do not understand how you develop constant staying power within each user. The online world is essentially a services mecca; people need their need fulfilled whether it be a need for entertainment, a need for consumption, or a need for knowledge. After your site has met that need they are looking for, they leave. How are companies making true communities beyond just their evangelists; getting users to return and interact beyond one or two experiences.

The Future:
I know what my beginner dilemmas are, but I want to know what questions are being asked in the social media community. I want to know what the key conversations are about and how others are trying to find answers.

When you read blog posts these days there are far more blogs full of “answers” than there are full of questions. That means that we rather already have the answers or that there are quite a few really good bullshitters out there. My beliefs lean towards the latter.

I have tried to copy the answer model I see everywhere in my own blog but am starting to realize that I am much better at asking questions.