Imagine walking through the digital world we have created. In tight clusters you would find the urban, nuanced societies who pride themselves on exclusivity. Further out you would find the suburban platforms that resonate with Middle America values and images of smiling families. As you venture further from the epicenters of activity you find the start-ups; the new entrants, and the average citizens of our world.

The difference between this digital journey and a drive from Manhattan to Albany is the fact that the digital world is connected at such a quicker rate. What once was a drive of an hour and a half (with no traffic) has become the span of a .06 Google Search.

This proximity to one another means that the late entrants keep up more easily with the early adopters… in theory. However the early adopters are so interconnected that they move at an exponentially faster rate when adopting new technology and ideas. This leaves that middle ground in a constant stretch between innovation and accommodation.

I consider those in that middle ground the most fascinating. These are the successful organizations who implement new technology strategically and try to observe best practices already in use by the early adopters. They are the ones who will dictate the future of our technological advances.

So as I try to progress my knowledge of the technological world I try to be unique in my observation of innovation. I try to discipline myself to look at those in the middle ground before just jumping on board with ideas set by the innovators. The lesson is, just like in our reality, to not ride the technological trends, but find the strategies and ideas with staying power. Because those are the ones that will be there when the technological interstellar dust settles.