We collectively influence each other. We apply pressures, insecurities, prejudices, and values upon one another. Together we change the world and the world changes us.

But enough about being an existentialist.

The bottom line is the ultimate question. It sits there and ferments in our minds. It dictates our every move; our every decision; our every thought. However it never seems like it wants to look you in the eye. It is always late for a meeting. It is always walking fifteen steps ahead and is on its cell phone with its financial advisor.

Why must our relationship with the question always be so tumultuous?

If you remember back to middle school you tried to pretend like you didn’t care when you were talking to the girl you liked. Why is our relationship with the question any different? It seems as though the question is going to meet us whenever it damn well pleases so I propose that we not wait on its beckoning call. To not care is to be liberated from it right?

However I still find myself attending to it. Sometimes more so when I try not to. I still have not found the support group for my problem but nonetheless I think I will keep searching.

At this point my only true aspiration is to find solutions that keep me distracted from the ultimate question, hoping that one day I am too busy talking to my financial advisor to meet with the question.

So I guess my current solution to the ultimate question is to abandon it the best I can and neglect it in retaliation to the numerous times it left me on hold.

Question the question before the question questions you.