Hi there. Much like you I am a thinking, seeing breathing being that has claims, notions, and occasionally intuition. However I want to view the world I see with a hint of optimism and a rationality that doesn’t cause ice to break or printing presses to stop. Thats right, I am yearning for a normality of thought that rests on the corner of boredom and irrelevancy. Nonetheless that is the necessary introduction to the world I live in; the world of mediocrity.

I am in student debt, I have some job prospect, and I feel my potential has not yet been spoiled by the shrewdness of the real world. I don’t know if that means I still have a chance or just haven’t realized my demise yet; I’ll figure that out soon enough.

For the meantime I want to use this channel of communication to share my thoughts and endeavors and ideas; crappy or absurd they may be. At this point I do not know how relevant this post will be or if it will have the company of many other posts, but this post is still here and will exist either way.

Perhaps this is my way of writing on the bathroom wall: “take that society” or maybe it is just so when I go into an interview I can say “sure I’ve blogged” but the truth is that I don’t know the purpose and if you find one, share. Welcome to my world and sorry I didn’t change your life, maybe next time.